Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nationwide letter writing; tracking

I have proposed to the Move To Amend organization, and have contacted most of the local organizers of the  January 20 Occupy the Courts event, that there should be a nationally coordinated letter writing campaign in which all the Senators and Representatives are asked about their position on approving an amendment to the First Amendment and such amendment being put out to the 50 state legislatures for ratification. I have suggested such a campaign should be accompanied by a "tracking" webpage on Move To Amend's website, which webpage would track letters and other inquires going out to Senators and Representatives and the responses that are received from Senators and Representatives. Such a tracking webpage should have good publicity value and also contribute to grassroots pressuring to get needed Congressional action.

I have put out the same idea to Public CitizenPeople For the American Way, and Get Money Out / United Republic.

I have received numerous favorable responses and reactions from Move To Amend local organizers and others.

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