Monday, January 30, 2012

Gingrich emailing

Over this weekend, I did a lot of emailing of the following email message in our Birmingham metropolitan area:

Subj: Gingrich and amending the First Amendment
To Whom It May Concern:

Newt Gingrich is now the poster boy in Florida for the evil of influence peddling and a symbol of the culture of corruption in Washington DC.

There is a movement afoot that has concluded Congress and the United States Supreme Court cannot and/or will not fix the corrupt political system on their own, and the people need to rise up and force Congress to amend the First Amendment so that it applies only to human beings; and that is the only way for the American people to reclaim their government.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats have their pyramidic structures. Those at the top of the pyramids (the politicians; the CEO's, union leaders, non-profit and government agency heads, etc., of the special interests; and the Washington lobbyists) profit stupendously from the corruption. Those lower down and most ordinary citizens are net losers from the corruption. The tops of the pyramids are very happy to divide up the spoils and don't want those lower down in their two pyramds (or from outside the pyramids) to unite and overthrow the tops of the pyramids. Thus, the tops keep the lower downs embattled, one side against the other.

The movement to amend the First Amendment would like Florida voters to question the Republican contenders about their views on the culture of corruption in Washington and amending the First Amendment as a solution. The Republican contenders are operating at the top of the Republican pyramid, the movement to amend is just starting to push from the grassroots up, and the movement is not going to get much recognition this week in Florida.

Nonetheless, the movement to amend wishes to try to utilize the national attention focused on Florida this week to continue to publicize in all parts of the country the case for amending the First Amendment.

Thank you.

Rob Shattuck
Birmingham, Alabama, organizer for Move To Amend
Independent candidate for Congress in the Alabama 6th district (link)

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