Tuesday, January 24, 2012

City Council resolutions

A tenet of my national battle plan is that the only way corruption and gridlock in Washington DC will be meaningfully curtailed is by pressure from the grassroots up.  Congress is needed to approve an amendment to the First Amendment but Congress is too high up in the corruption pyramid and will never act on its own.  Lower down governing bodies, such as city councils, are more amenable and responsive to ordinary citizens, and around the country they are starting to take up the cudgels for the citizens by such things as resolutions in support of amending the First Amendment.  See this list of news items that includes city council actions in Portland ME, Portland OR, New York City, Pueblo CO, Duluth MN, Los Angeles, Missoula MT, and Boulder CO.

I am in the process of requesting my city council (my city is Mountain Brook, Alabama) to approve a resolution in support of a Constitutional amendment. See this link. 

I am emailing others in my metropolitan area encouraging them to make similar requests to their city councils. 

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