Saturday, June 17, 2017

Financial crimes

The news overnight is that Mueller's investigation is looking into possible financial crimes of Trump associates. (I am not able to embed the below video directly and am embedding it by way of my tweet.)

This is going to make the Russia investigation a worse problem for the country. Expanding into possible financial crimes will make it worse because the war between Trump and anti-Trump will escalate, and our country's governance will be further impaired.

To get a a sense, consider the situation of Trump getting investigation of the Clintons going again.
That kind of tit for tat bodes for things to get worse for the country's governance.

It is unclear how the deteriorating situation is going to get turned around. I think a main hope needs to be Congress.

I initiated a plea to Congress a few days ago, which is set out at the link Plea .

With the expanding Mueller investigation, the onus on Congress is increased as the country moves closer to a constitutional convulsion because of Trump.

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