Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Disloyal questions

Political upheaval is playing out around the country.

Alabama will probably remain staid in the midst of it.

Nothing new, different, or suprising will likely occur in the special Alabama Senate election this year or in the mid-terms elections in 2018.

The dictionary meaning of "true-blue" is "extremely orthodox or loyal." Alabama should remain that in spades during the next two years.

Notwithstanding, I will throw into the Senate election disloyal and unorthodox questions as the opportunity arises. The past couple of weeks, Luther Strange has tweeted some things that I tweeted back to him questions about.

I have repeated my questions today generally directed to all the candidates. I post below Luther Strange's tweets, and the questions I tweeted back to him and tweeted in general form today.

First, on abortion

Next on guns, etc.

Third, why do the Republican and Democratic establishments divide the people when the people have common interests, and why do the establishments promote a broken Congress?

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