Thursday, January 1, 2015

Where's Congressman Bachus' exit interview?

In last year's Republican primary race in the Alabama 6th Congressional district, I asked retiring Congressman Bachus whether the voters and the candidates should be concerned about a broken and dysfunctional Congress.

Congressman Bachus wrote me back to the effect that it was his policy, in connection with a primary campaign, to leave to the candidates discussion of the questions I was asking. See Representative Bachus' response.

I thought Congressman Bachus (and others in the Alabama legislative delegation in Washington) were likely the best informed to provide helpful answers to my questions.

Regrettably, none of the 6th Congressional district candidates were willing to discuss my questions for the benefit of the voters, and now Representative-elect Palmer continues unwilling to discuss my questions for the benefit of his constituents to be. See Just answer the question, Gary Palmer.

What does retiring Congressman Bachus think now? He has served for twenty years as the Representative for the 6th Congressional district. Does he not owe it to the voters to say something to them about whether or not he thinks Congress is broken and dysfunctional,  and, if he does, to offer his suggestions and recommendations for what the voters should do about the situation?

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