Friday, January 23, 2015

Campaign finance reform advances in AL

In Auburn, there has been been created an organization Take Back Our Republic  . The contact information is: Address: 246 East Glenn Avenue, Auburn, AL 36830; Phone: 334-329-7258; Email:

The organization states its mission regarding campaign finance reform in the following way

The conversation/argument regarding campaign finance reform isn’t a new one;
* * * *
Fast forward nearly 150 years and we’re still discussing the same issues—now we simply have more and bigger players and much larger numbers.
* * * *
[t]his collective group of political junkies is looking to change things from the outside in. In other words, we concede that we may never change those who want to buy political favor (special interests, big corporate bullies and unions), instead, we are hell-bent on changing the manner in which we select and elect politicians whose votes are not for sale.
In a fit of rage/disgust, we’ve devised a plan to equalize the election process—to engage the tax-paying citizens who now are not only disenfranchised but disgusted with the entire political process—including elections, politicians and all things that advance the cause of corruption and lack of transparency within our government. Our intentions are simple—to take back the government of the people from the stronghold of big business and union influence and create a fair and more simplified manner in which to participate in the election process, thus becoming invested and active in a political process that has been bought and sold to special interests.  [Go to the Take Back Our Republic website for complete information.]

I have been working in the Birmingham area on the campaign finance reform issue for several years. This has received scant attention.

The formation of Take Back Our Republic in Auburn shows that the cause of campaign finance reform is advancing in Alabama.

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