Monday, May 21, 2012

Vote Out Incumbents Democracy

Vote Out Incumbents Democracy (VOID) is an organization which has the motto, "End the corruption. Reform the politics. VOID Incumbents !"

Its President David R. Remer wrote on the VOID website on April 30th the following:
Freedom to choose is meaningless when the choices are corrupt and inept. Liberty is meaningless when opportunity is controlled and bought up by the wealthiest. Athenians and Cleisthenes understood these truths in the 6th century B.C., and their revolution opened the door to democracy for mankind.

It is pathetic that the American people are tolerating a paralyzed Congress, unwilling to put political appetites aside in order to save our people's future. And worse, still, that the majority continue to vote for the political parties that are killing the future for most Americans. Does America have to fail before the people recognize that the political parties are killing our future?


  1. The task at hand is to organize the many Vote Out Incumbents organizations for synergy and cooperative efforts that maximize their argument's visibility before the general public.

    Afterall, these VOI organizations are challenging trillion dollar special interests working to maintain the status quo. Maximizing the effect of their donations and expenditures will be crucial to motivating the voting public to change their voting habits.

  2. Thank you for your comment, David. I would be interested in knowing what organizations you include as "Vote Out Incumbents organizations." Also, what do you advocate concerning organizations that are not currently on that list but whose objectives and efforts are or could be mutually reinforcing with VOID's objectives and efforts?

  3. Robert, GOOOH, VOID of course, a host of anti-incumbent blogs, the several Independent parties should be included though they are not centrally anti-incumbent regarding their own candidates, but, since they have no elected officials in Congress, they are defacto anti-incumbent, as are most of the third parties. V.O.I.C.E, KickThemAllOut, and TenureCorrupts are some active anti-incumbent web sites.

    Once you have a working coalition of anti-incumbent writers, bloggers, and organizations, then you can reach out to the Third Parties for contributions and support in making their candidates more viable through anti-incumbent advertising and public service announcements.

    First, and foremost, however, must come that anti-incumbent coalition which can run anti-incumbent advertising or events which will acquire media attention. Only then can reaching out to third parties result in their financial support for taking out the incumbents, opening the door to their own challenging candidates. The third party idea is not mine, and I have doubts about it, as third parties are a hard sell to support anti-incumbent notions since, anti-incumbency motives would work against their own elected candidates as well. However, the proper pitch may very well result in their support until such time as they actually get some of their candidates elected.

    The problem is money. VOID has raised $13,000 to date. It is enough to keep VOID functioning as a recruiting and PAC organization, but completely inadequate to acquire media attention to our argument and position. Anything legal and ethical that increases the visibility of the anti-incumbent views, however, should be on the table for consideration and adoption by anti-incumbent supporters.

  4. Thank you for further responding David. I think it is clear there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the political status quo, which dissatisfaction is growing and being expressed in varying ways of anti-incumbency, third parties, etc. The more joinder of voices and efforts that can be obtained, the greater the effectiveness, I believe. Also, I think it is very helpful to have something that can serve as a compelling "pitch"/focal point for attracting attention and gaining followers. I think you can see from this blog how I am trying to do that and also to promote joinder of voices and efforts. I intend to call this webpage and your comments to the attention of others I am communicating with, including particularly the Reform Party and GOOOH.

  5. Thank you, Robert, for your efforts on this. Good luck with Tim Cox of the GOOOH. I have been unable to get him to recognize the value of the anti-incumbent movement to his organization, over the years.