Saturday, May 19, 2012

Congressional candidates

A linchpin in carrying out the strategy is persuading Congressional candidates in the 2012 elections to make it a central issue in their respective campaigns that Congress, before November, needs to conduct a national debate about whether there is a broken and corrupt campaign finance system that is badly in need of fixing and Congress needs to make a proposal to the American people about what should be done to make the system better, which proposal would be the subject of a national referendum in the November elections.   Candidates would need to state their views to their voters.

As and when headway is made in persuading Congressional candidates to do the foregoing, information about the same will be posted in other entries in this blog.  For the time, being this will be done by creating entries for individual states and posting information on candidates in the state, with a link in this entry to the entry for the individual state.

As of this moment, there is no blog entry for any state and no link to that entry in this blog entry.

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