Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Amendment Movement

A number of political activist organizations are focused on the corruption making our government dysfunctional, in gridlock and unable to pass rationally designed laws and take competent action to try to help the country in solving its problems.  To battle the corruption, these organizations urge voting out the corrupt incumbents and are sharply focusing in 2012 on amending the First Amendment to ameliorate the corruption problem.

Organizations and websites joining in on the amendment movement include:
Get Money Out

Move To Amend

Time to Amend project

Soldiers for Peace Pledge To Amend Campaign

Amend 2012

Progressives United

Specific activities and developments include the following:

Resolutions Week June 11-15.  For

An  April 4, 2012 letter  submitted to Congress by eleven state attorneys general joining in support of a constitutional amendment

An October 10, 2010 letter submitted to Congress by a bipartisan group of former attorneys general and law professors calling on Congress to examine constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United

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  1. Colbert's lawyer hits the bullseye in addressing "talk of a constitutional amendment. Not only would such an amendment be hard to draft, putting the interpretation right back into the hands of the Courts, but I think talk of an amendment encourages avoidance of the hard work that should be done to solve these problems. For there are legislative solutions ..."

    "many of today's political activists don't really expect to get what they're demanding anyway: increasingly, they define their objectives in terms of "community building" and consciousness raising" -- a sad admission of thefutility of their demands." Richard Thompson Ford, Rights Gone Wrong: How Law Corrupts the Struggle for Equality (2011) p. 240