Sunday, December 18, 2011

National battle plan (2011)

[In my 2012 independent candidacy campaign, I had a Thesis and a Strategy , a "Strategy", and a "National Battle Plan." Those by and large carry over to 2014.  I am preserving the way I stated the same in 2012.  This entry is the way I stated the matter in 2012.]

Let's be clear.  If you agree with my campaign, progress towards its goal depends on exerting pressure from the bottom up.  It will not come from the top down.

Take a look at this page copied and pasted from the Obama 2008 campaign website.  See also this that was copied from the McCain 2008 campaign website.

Next, ask yourself, what progress has been made since 2008 in Obama's Plan to solve The Problem?

Go to the websites of the 2012 Republican Presidential contenders and see to what extent any of them talks about The Problem that Obama identified in 2008.

Has The Problem been solved?

Why are none of the Republican Presidential contenders talking about The Problem Obama identified in 2008?

Here is a national battle plan for 2012:

Congress is told in no uncertain terms that their chief order of business come January is to propose an amendment to the Constitution that the right of free speech under the First Amendment is limited to natural persons and that it be put out for ratification by the state legislatures.  Contemporaneously the Congress shall debate legislation that provides for a system of anonymous campaign contributions and a system that bans private communications between lawmakers and their constitituents.  This debate should receive intensive public attention and all candidates and contenders for Congress will have the opportunity to speak out.  The object is for Congress to enact something as early as possible, say by the end of February.  The longer it drags out without Congress taking action, the more exposed will be incumbents to being voted out of office in favor of new faces who give more assurances that they will act if elected.  If Congress passes an enactment that the voters find too weak, that also may lead to eviction from office.

That national battle plan depends on how unified all voters are in demanding that the campaign financing corruption be ended.

Unity can come only from a "we the citiizens against them the politicians" battle plan.

There is already a House and Senate bill proposing the aforesaid constitutional amendment.  Go to Join the First Amendment debate.

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