Sunday, December 18, 2011

Citizen responsibility

The citizens have a responsibility too.  They have a responsibility to face facts, deal with reality, not think that there are free lunches, and be reasonable and prudent in making decisions or accepting decisions that are made for them by their lawmakers (and fire lawmakers who are not reasonable and prudent in the decisions they make, all in order to get votes and stay in office).

Take Social Security and increased longevity.  Why is the country on the verge of Social Security bankruptcy crisis and why wasn't the Social Security retirement age increased fifteen or twenty five years ago to age 68 or 70?

Or take health care and rationing of health care.  Health care is also is about to bankrupt the country, and one way or the other health care is going to get rationed, and already is getting rationed.  Citizens need to be able to face those facts, and its lawmakers need to be able to talk about those facts to citizens who understand and accept that reality and who do not believe in free lunches.

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