Friday, December 30, 2011

Andy Shugart

In 2008, Andy Shugart, a retired Gardendale contractor, wanted to run as an independent candidate in the 6th Congressional District. He filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Alabama law that required him to get 6,155 signatures of qualified voters before he could be on the ballot.  This August 7, 2008 article in The Birmingham News quotes Mr. Shugart as follows:

"As an independent you're penalized," Shugart, 62, said. "It's just wrong." 
                                      * * * *
"I am successful and I care very much for the state and public affairs, and I am not a politician," Shugart said.
Shugart said he believes both the Democrat and Republican parties makes it difficult for an independent candidate to get on the ballot.
"It's been very discouraging," Shugart said. 

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