Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rep. Palmer, about your town hall today

Rep. Palmer, our country is in a state of shock, or else despair, growing out of the Presidential election.

The talking heads on TV are talking endlessly about our anger and disgust for the political establishment and Washington DC, and this is gurgling over the sides of our cups.

The two Presidential nominees, we've been told, have the highest unfavorable ratings of Presidential nominees ever.

The Presidential general election went straight to the gutter within days of the presumptive nominees being determined, and it keeps getting worse.

Half the country would like a choice of other than Clinton or Trump, and there seems no way for them to get it.

The people feel hopelessness connected with the Presidential election.

With that malaise emanating from the highest political level, the voters may think to look to Congress to assuage them.

Congress, unfortunately, is part of the problem as well.

I don't know what priorities you are looking to address in your telephone town hall this evening.

You, as the Representative of the Alabama 6th Congressional district, ought to address your constituents about the huge political malaise in the country.

You, as a member of Congress, should talk with your Congressional colleagues and try to find out whether Congress can collectively address the American people about the situation.

The hopelessness is pretty bad, and I am not holding out much hope, but someone has to speak up.

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