Thursday, August 25, 2016

Be an Alabamian who wants to know

Is our Congress corrupt?

This morning (August 25) on Fox & Friends, Senator Sessions strongly condemned contributions to The Clinton Foundation and the buying of access to American leaders. See below video

In the very first debate, Trump was brutally honest about the buying of access, and worse things, connected with campaign contributions Here's the video of that.

Senator Sessions and the rest of the Alabama legislative delegation in Washington should talk to Alabama voters about campaign contributions buying access to Congressional lawmakers and others in Washington, whether Congress is corrupted by the same, and, if so, what should Congress do to fix the corruption.

Are you an Alabamian who wants to know whether Congress is corrupt and whether anything can be done about it?

Step One
If you do want to know, a first step for you is to send tweets to Senators Sessions and Shelby and the Representative for your Congressional district (or even send tweets to all seven of Alabama's representatives in Congress).

You can send tweets by clicking on the below links. The tweet you send will have a link to this blog entry (Be an Alabamian who wants to know).  Also your tweet will contain, and show up under, the Twitter hashtags #FixCongressNow and #alpolitics.

Tweet here to Senator Sessions
Tweet here to Senator Shelby
Tweet here to Rep. Byrne
Tweet here to Rep. Roby
Tweet here to Rep. Rogers
Tweet here to Rep. Alderholt
Tweet here to Rep. Brooks
Tweet here to Rep. Palmer
Tweet here to Rep. Sewell

Step Two
It is doubtful you will get answers from Senators Sessions and Shelby and the Representative for your Congressional district by sending your tweets to them per the above. You need to get lots of your fellow Alabamians to be asking the same questions in way that registers in the Alabama social media. Here is how to do it:

You and other Alabamians send individual tweets to fellow Alabamians in your geographical area who are Twitter users.

First, you need the tweet message you are going to send, with a link to this webpage. I suggest a tweet such as:
I am an Alabamian who wants to know whether our Congress is corrupt. You should want to know too. 
Then you need to find follower lists of other Twitter accounts in your geographic location that have a lot of followers in the location. I am in the Jefferson County/Shelby County geographic area, and the below would be examples of good Twitter follower lists to use:

In doing your tweeting, you are repetitively sending the same tweet message. This can be done efficiently. Get the tweet message on your mouse clipboard, go to the follower list  you are using for your tweeting, start with the first person on the list you want to tweet to, and do this:
1. Right click on person's Twitter name.
2. Choose "open in new tab"
3. Go to the new tab.
4. Click on the "Tweet to" button.
5. Paste the tweet message in the box.
6. Hit the "Tweet" button.
7. Close the tab, which takes you back to the list
8. Go on to next person, and repeat above steps.
You should be able to send 30 to 40 tweets in a half hour. Send as many tweets as you are willing to. Don't worry about any duplication that you think may arise.

The idea is for recipients of your tweets who click on the link in the tweet will come to this webpage and then join in and do their own tweeting to other Alabamians in their locale. The goal is to produce a pyramiding of tweets that reaches tens of thousands of Alabama voters.


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  2. These are all issues that need to be addressed, along many other issues going on here in Alabama. D.C. and Wall Street are corrupt! Alabamians are starving while D.C. and Wall Street are stuffing their fat, greedy mouths and pockets! We need to know that y'all are not running in that pack! We DESERVE to know! It is our RIGHT to know. Many many problems in our great state! Are y'all with us or are y'all as greedy as the ones you deal with face to face everyday?