Thursday, May 19, 2016

Can Alabamians battle Alabama corruption?

Yesterday I was notified that, in Washington State, there has been launched a campaign for The Washington Government Accountability Act, Initiative 1464, being powered by more than 24,000 Washington Represent.Us members and a cross-partisan coalition called Integrity Washington. The law seeks to restore public trust in government by increasing transparency, giving voters a stronger voice, and strengthening enforcement. A summary and full text of the Act can be found through links at

I was also notified about a campaign in South Dakota for The South Dakota Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act, Initiative 22, being championed by the bipartisan coalition and more than 1,000 Represent.Us members in South Dakota. The Act will prevent political bribery, improve transparency, and increase enforcement of South Dakota’s ethics laws. For a full copy of the proposed law, see

Does Alabama need an Alabama Government Accountability (and Anti-Corruption) Act? What can we Alabamians do to get the same?

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