Tuesday, February 18, 2014

105-5 WERC candidate forum

[There will be a 105-5 WERC candidate forum on April 21st at noon.   I am trying to push discussion and debate of my campaign platform per below email.]

From: Rob Shattuck [mailto:rdshattuck@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 7:11 AM
To: Mountz, John
Cc: campaign@pauldemarco.org; campaign@drmathisforcongress.com; will@votewillforcongress.com; garyp
Subject: 105-5 WERC candidate forum
Dear John,
I trust it is acceptable for the candidates to pass on to you what they think the important issues are that ought to be raised in the forum.
In that vein, I wish to tell you what I think is most important and that I am making central to my platform.
To wit, I think that, in Washington DC, there is NOT government of the people by the people, and for the people.  I further think that the causes of that condition are also causes of Congress being dysfunctional and not being able to do its job properly for the American people.  This should have primacy and urgency for the American people, because, until the situation is corrected, there will be continue to be great failures to act by Congress and/or great errors in actions it does take.  For further discussion, please go here.
If other candidates also think the foregoing  has primacy and urgency for the American people,  the hard part is figuring out what to try to do to change the status quo.  I am in the process of formulating my views, and others could have different ideas, all of which might make for extended discussion in the forum.
If the other candidates do not think the matter is of primacy and urgency for the American people, let them say so, and little time need be taken up at the forum by the topic.
Please note that I have copied the other candidates on this email except I don't have Scott Beason's and Tom Vigneulle's email addresses.
Thank you.
Rob Shattuck 

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