Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tom Price

Alabamians need to watch Jake Tapper's interview of Tom Price this morning.

I think it is amazing what Price is able to say with a straight face.

You watch the below video and decide whether you think Price is being straight with the American people about the effects of cutting $880 billion from Medicaid. You decide how much you can believe Price about anything he says.

I have sent tweets directed to Senators Shelby and Strange and Rep. Palmer asking them whether they think Alabamians can trust Price with their health care and whether he is being straight with the American people. I will post any responses I get.

Update 5/9
Jefferson County Commissioner David Carrington announced yesterday that he is running for Governor of Alabama.
Governors around the country are on the spot about what the The American Health Care Act passed by the House of Representatives will do to their state's Medicaid and health care insurance coverage.
Thus far, my opinion is Alabama's Republicans in Congress are not being straight with Alabamians about what The American Health Care Act will do to Alabamians.
Maybe Commissioner Carrington can undertake study of this and maybe Commissioner Carrington can be straight with Alabamians about the subject even if  Senators Shelby and Strange and Representatives Byrne, Roby, Rogers, Aderholt, Brooks, and Palmer can't be straight with Alabamians about the subject.

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