Thursday, May 18, 2017


The special election to fill Jeff Sessions' seat in the United States Senate is off and running.

It is occurring in the context of politics in the United States being in great flux and confusion stemming from the 2016 Presidential election.

The Republicans won the White House and Congress in a surprise last November.

Currently, the Trump agenda is in a turmoil, with much due to Trump self-inflicted problems. The situation is getting alarming for the Republicans, who are starting to worry about the 2018 elections.

The Democrats are struggling over how to rebuild their party.

Voters are very anxious about what is going to happen with their health care.

Two other special Congressional elections are in full swing, one in the Georgia 6th Congressional district that will be decided on June 20th, and the other being an at large Congressional election in Montana that will be decided next Tuesday. Both of these elections are going hot and heavy and being viewed as a referendum on Donald Trump.

The course of the Alabama special election to fill Jeff Sessions' seat awaits playing out in the above context of flux and confusion in United States politics.

In this Alabama special election for the United States Senate, two big issues the candidates would seem to need to confront are, first, President Donald Trump, and, second, health care.

Alabama voters should take a great interest in the Alabama special election, and also the election has the potential for attracting significant national attention.

For informational purposes, the candidates are listed below, including a links to their campaign websites as they become available.

Luther Strange
Mo Brooks
Roy Moore
Randy Brinson
Dom Gentile
Trip Pittman
Bryan Peeples
Mary Maxwell
Joseph Breault
James Beretta
Karen Jackson

Doug Jones
Will Boyd
Vann Caldwell
Jason Fisher
Michael Hansen
Robert Kennedy, Jr.
Brian McGee
Nana Tchienkou

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