Sunday, March 26, 2017

Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act

To Senators Shelby and Strange and Representatives Byrne, Roby, Rogers, Aderholt, Brooks, Palmer and Sewell

Donald Trump's selfish refusal to abide by generally accepted standards of conduct applicable to government officials is miring him, he may not be able to extricate himself, and the country's governance and possibly national security are being impaired in the meantime.

The Russian cloud over Trump is the biggest problem now. Trump's improper conduct is a major contributing factor to his being mired in questions of whether he is hiding something concerning Russia, and whether Putin holds something over Trump.

Trump's position is that he has right to do whatever he wants with his businesses, particularly without regard to the policy reason for conflict of interest rules applicable to governmental officials. Trump's attitude is that his businesses are none of the country's business, he can hide his businesses from public view and has no obligation of transparency, and he can use his Presidential office to make his businesses more profitable and increase his personal wealth.

This attitude of Trump is a major factor in creating his big Russia problem, which is now a big problem for the country. Whatever Russia connections ultimately come to light, Trump was lax in his standards of conduct for himself and his associates. Trump either knew or did not care what he knew about Paul Manafort's involvement with Russia when Trump selected Manafort as his campaign manager from April to August.

Trump refused to release his tax returns in accordance with the accepted practice of Presidential candidates. This created suspicion and is adding to Trump's Russian mire now.

Connect that to Trump's "mysterious" affection for Putin, which has been festering for months, and more suspicion grows from Trump's refusal to abide by generally accepted standards of conduct about conflicts of interest and transparency. This was greatly complicated by Trump asking the Russians to interfere in the election.

Trump's misconduct carried forward to his solution for his business interests. The solution he announced in January is grossly inadequate when measured against magnitude of the conflicts of interest and the public policy concerns about conflicts of interest. That selfish continuation of his refusal to abide by generally accepted standards of conduct flows into his Russia problem now, which seems set to drag on for months.

Ever since Trump was elected, much attention has been paid to the problems that Trump and his business interests could cause in the conduct of his Presidency and country's governance. Trump has disregarded all of the same, and the Republicans have kept Congress from taking any action,

Chickens are coming home to roost.

Elizabeth Warren has introduced a Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act.

How much longer are Republicans going to turn a blind eye?

Elizabeth Warren — US Senator for Massachusetts
I'm taking aim at Donald Trump with a bill that would force him to release his tax returns and divest from potential conflicts of interest. Americans deserves answers.

Add your name today to become a citizen co-sponsor

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