Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Will you support my campaign?

Congress is failing to do its job properly for the American people, and Congressman Palmer is failing the Alabama 6th Congressional district.

My evidence for Congressman Palmer's failure is his unwillingness to answer my question about whether Congress is "broke," as propounded at Just answer the question, Gary Palmer.

He has simply been silent for more than nine months and continues to be silent.

One possibility is that Congressman Palmer thinks the question of whether Congress is failing to do its job for the American people does not seriously raise anything that needs consideration by him or his constituents, and answering the question is a waste of his and their time. Hence, he will not give an answer.

On the other hand, if Congressman Palmer chose to break his silence, there are several possible things he could reasonably say.

One thing he could say is he thinks Congress is not working perfectly, but that the problems are minor, there are much more pressing matters for the attention of Congress, and Congress and the country should not be diverted at this time by minor problems in the way Congress is working.

Congressman Palmer could alternatively say that Congress is failing to do its job properly for the American people because of the Democrats, and what the American people need to do is elect more Republicans to Congress.

Congressman Palmer might say other things are needed to fix Congress to get it working properly. He could indicate what those other things are and how needed changes could be accomplished for the American people. (I believe Congressman Palmer is supporting term limits, and, if he thinks that is what is needed to fix Congress for the American people, he could say so in answer to my question.)

Congressman Palmer could even choose to say, yes, Congress is "broke," but it cannot be fixed, or that he does not have a diagnosis of why it is "broke" and hence does not have a recommendation for how to fix Congress.

I have my view that Congressman Palmer's unwillingness to say one way or another (or say anything) whether he thinks Congress is "broke" or not indicates that he is hiding something from his constituents, and that is badly failing the 6th Congressional district.

You need to decide your own view about Congressman Palmer's refusal to say anything in response to me.

I am continuing my campaign to try to get Congressman Palmer to answer my question.

I hope you will support my campaign.

If you want to support my campaign, there are already suggestions in this blog of things to do, such as those you can find via this link Manifesto for AL 6th Congressional district voters.

I expect to have more suggestions as time goes by.

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  1. I would need these questions answered in plain words, not a lot of back and forth, or double talk.
    1. Abortion, are you for or against mother's rights.
    2. Abortion, are you for or against unborn child's rights
    3. Will you be taking money from special interest groups to help further your career?
    4. As a Republican, what is is that you can or will do differently than your party?

    When these questions can be answered, with honesty and without a lot of double talk. I will consider your cause. As all American people know, that the government as a whole is broke, so nothing new there. Convince me.