Saturday, December 13, 2014

Other area chambers of commerce

I wrote to the Birmingham Business Alliance on November 26th a letter about small business and money in politics.

My letter concerned the Represent.Us organization. My letter quoted that organization to the effect that: "The corruption in our political system is causing our elected officials to focus their time and effort to their campaign donors instead of serving their constituents. Represent.Us is building a grassroots movement to end this corruption."

My letter advised the Birmingham Business Alliance that, as part of the movement, the Represent.Us organization was conducting an initiative to obtain endorsements by small business owners of the provisions of the American Anti-Corruption Act.

My letter solicited of the Birmingham Business Alliance an opportunity for me to make a presentation to small business members about the  initiative of Represent.Us. (My full letter can be found at Small business and money in politics.)

I am now taking the step of communicating to other area chambers of commerce about the initiative of Represent.Us.

I will keep track of the area chambers of commerce I communicate to by compiling a list here, which I will update periodically.

Other area chambers of commerce I have communicated to:

1. Homewood Chamber of Commerce
2. Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce

3. Trussville Chamber of Commerce

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