Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dear Representative Sewell

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The Honorable Terri A. Sewell
Representative from the Alabama 7th Congressional District
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC.

Dear Representative Sewell,

I am following up on this communication I endeavored to make to you in June.

As that communication states, in my campaign as a Republican candidate in the Alabama 6th Congressional district this year, I contended that something is fundamentally wrong with Congress, and it critically needs addressing by the American people and Congress.

I continued my campaign even though I was not successful in the June 3rd primary election. 

Representative-elect Palmer will be my Representative from the 6th Congressional district in the new Congress.

My opinion is that he is going to fail abysmally as my Representative and as the Representative of other of his constituents. My opinion is due to Representative-elect Palmer's adamant refusal to address whether or not Congress is "broke." If he cannot address that question,  how can he possibly well serve the 6th Congressional district?

Congress being "broke" (or not) is critical beyond the 6th Congressional district, and, if my Representative will not address the matter, I have no problem in trying to communicate about it to Representatives (and voters) in other Congressional districts.

Your 7th Congressional district is adjacent to the 6th district, so I am turning my eyes towards you and voters in your district.

I do not expect you to respond to me on this.

I do think, however, that Congress is for the country as a whole, in addition to each Representative serving his or her district and constituents. If Congress is "broke," it should be the job of all in Congress  to address the matter for the country.

Accordingly, besides the campaign I am carrying on in the the 6th district, I am sending you this communication as a matter of information to you, and I will further be endeavoring to communicate to your constituents in the 7th district as well.

Thank you for your attention to this letter.

Rob Shattuck
Alabama 6th Congressional district resident

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