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Represent.Us (anti-corruption) Project 435

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Welcome to Project 435


46 million Americans live in poverty. National debt is the highest it’s ever been. Our jobs are gone. Our country is stuck in perpetual crisis. And what is Congress doing about it? Nothing. Because they can’t. They’ve pledged allegiance to the people who fund their campaigns. But they’re supposed to work for us. It’s time to force our representatives to once again represent us, the people.


The problem is big, but we have a plan, and that plan depends on you. In the end, We The People still hold the ultimate power over our government, but most Americans have forgotten that. Never forget: We elected them to represent us. It’s time to hold them to it. We’re going to get clear about this once and for all: If Congress won’t represent us, Congress is corrupt. This is not about Democrats and Republicans, it’s not about right vs left. It’s about right vs wrong. And we’re here to make things right by ending corruption. Every American deserves to know if their US House Representative is “Corrupt” or “Anti-Corrupt.” Do they represent us or corrupt special interests?
Project 435 will get every member of the US House on the record for or against the American Anti-Corruption Act — Corrupt or Anti-corrupt…and if you’re Corrupt, you’re out! Let’s take our country back! We’ve created the tools and a plan. There are 5 steps: Lead, Recruit, Organize, Pressure, Win.  You can use this timeline as a rough guide — but be sure to work at a comfortable pace. Here’s how you do it:


  • Build a team of 3-5 leaders in your Congressional District. Together, you will drive your District Committee’s recruitment and actions up to the day you meet with your Representative and beyond. Here’s the catch: You’ve got to get at least one liberal and one conservative in on your team — it’ll increase your credibility and give you a real shot at winning.
Get started right now: Fill out this online form to register as a District Leader.
  • Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to get at least 1,000 people from your congressional district to add their name in support of the American Anti-Corruption Act. Start small. Hand out a basic flyer to coworkers, family, and friends, and ask them to join you in ending corruption. Hold meetings and invite the public. Then ramp it up: Flyer your neighborhood with your core team. Write letters to the editor. Table at local events. Create a Facebook page for your district. Get creative and get noticed.
Use the Citizen Co-Sponsor Sign-Up Sheet to collect signatures. And of course, use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and every other social tool you can get your anti-corrupt hands on.
  • You’re building a District Committee that will have the power to get your Representative on the record in support of the American Anti-Corruption Act. So reach out to groups who have already established their presence and remember to keep your focus cross-partisan. Neither side can win this alone. Go to local Tea Party meetings, occupy assemblies, and activist groups. Present and recruit at colleges & universities, senior communities, veterans associations and faith groups. Reach out to neighborhood groups, local political parties, and organized public interest groups. Show them how corruption affects their group. Ask them to join your coalition.
You can find all sorts of recruitment and organizing tools here.


  • If your Representative is already supportive of the fight against Corruption, jump right to the next step and get them on the record. If you’re not sure where they stand, research and educate your team. If they’re going to be a tough sell, start with your city council, county commission, governor, selectmen, State Representatives — anyone in a position of power — to officially endorse the American Anti-Corruption Act. Partner with PTAs, church groups, local committees. Get them on board and get them on the record. Build momentum. Make your win inevitable. Anyone who holds public office in your district should be your target. Get them on the record. Document it and share it.
Anti-Corruption Agreement for other elected officials available here.
Presentations and issue-briefs are available here.
  • You’ve gotten thousands of everyday Americans in your district to support the Act and join the movement. You’ve organized a truly cross-partisan District Committee. You’ve got support from every public official and issue group you can think of. It’s time to go to your Representative with your diverse tapestry of support and show them they must support this law or we will not support them. Get them to sign the Anti-Corruption Agreement. If they’re Corrupt, they’re out. If they’re Anti-Corrupt, you’ve won, but the fight’s not over! Move on to other elected officials (see “pressure”) and keep growing the movement.  Together, we can do this.
Download the Anti-Corruption Agreement then follow this plan of action when you’re ready to meet with your Rep.
Browse all of the Project 435 resources here

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