Thursday, June 14, 2012

Current summary

In this entry, which I will update periodically, I will report my current subjective sense of the situation regarding my efforts and what others are doing and how they are responding.

There is near overwhelming vastness to what is going on.  For this purpose, let's carve out those who are doing what they do politically because they are paid do it and could and would do the opposite politically if they were paid to do the opposite.  Excluding the mercenaries, there are thousands of organizations, millions of voters who are more than passive, and scores of important national problems and issues that citizens desire addressing politically.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed and lost in the maze.

There is great comfort in identifying with either the Democratic or Republican party, sticking with it, and not venturing to talk with and try to understand the other side.

The non-mercenary have their lives to tend to, and the time and effort they expend in the political arena gains them nothing in taking care of their obligations and responsibilities to their jobs and families.  In this regard, the non-mercenary are at a tremendous disadvantage in doing battle with the mercenary.

There are a lot of dedicated non-mercenaries who have toiled for years with scant reward for their efforts.  Some of them, such as the Libertarian Party and the Reform Party, are trying to build a third party that is significant.  I don't know when it was founded, but Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington probably feels that it has lost and not gained ground over the years in battling the Washington DC cesspool of corruption.

These non-mercenaries have a lot of experience with and knowledge about what they are up against that is deserving of respect regarding the decisions they make about how they deploy their limited resources in trying to achieve their objectives.

There is much commonality and overlap of objectives.  While I am an advocate of the joinder of forces against the common enemy, the missions and strategies are sufficiently different that a huge impediment exists to obtaining much in the way of effective joinder.

There are important issues other than that of campaign finance, and there seems little prospect of getting an organization like the Reform Party to put aside temporarily the other issues and exclusively dedicate itself temporarily to fixing campaign finance.

Even on campaign finance, there is a major impediment to unified action that organizations and their members have differing ideas about what should be done.

You can review the communications I have had with the various organizations, and you will, I think, understand why my current evaluation is that I have basically not persuaded anyone to take up with me in making my advocacy and I am doubtful of achieving any better success before November.

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