Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Plea to be on ballot

I have a platform that seeks to fight corruption and gridlock in Washington DC and to improve the performance of Congress, which has the lowest public approval rating in a long time.  This platform focuses on a broken campaign finance system that, courtesy of Stephen Colbert, is known to the American people to be a very sorry joke.  My platform can be prosecuted only by the grassroots pushing up (which the grassroots is starting to do around the country), because the iron triangle of lawmakers, lobbyists and special interest organizations in Washington DC profits enormously from the broken campaign finance system and will change it only if forced by the grassroots acting in a unison.

(Parenthetically, I ask you, how much has any Republican Presidential contender talked during the past year about our joke of a campaign finance system?)

The voters in the Alabama 6th Congressional district are deserving of hearing more about my platform.  They have not heard about this platform from any other candidate in the 6th district.  If I am not on the ballot, they will hear nothing further after March 13th about my platform.  I urge every voter in the 6th Congressional district to sign my ballot access petition and to urge their fellow voters to do likewise in order to hear more about my platform after March 13th.

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