Thursday, March 8, 2012

HELP OUT 967-5586

If Bachus and Beason do not appeal to you, and you think voters in the 6th Congressional district should hear more about my platform after March 13th, here are things you can do before the end of the day Tuesday if you would like to help me get my needed ballot access petitions.

1. Email a ballot access petition for me to the Secretary of State, with a copy to me, as specified here.   (If you email the petition, an originally signed, physical copy of the document may be subsequently requested of you.)

2. Email the link SHATTUCK for Congress to friends, with an appropriate message, such as "I think you should email a ballot access petition for this person to the Alabama Secretary of State as described here."

3  I can email you a ballot access petition document that has space for six signatures which you can have friends sign. You can make as many copies of the document as you need.  If you get signatures, please call me or email me for me to pick up the document from you.

4. I have lists of registered voters in the Sixth Congressional District for cold calling and solicitation of them to sign my ballot access petition. These lists have telephone numbers, and I can do the ballot access petition for these people with all the needed information filled in so that only signatures are needed. You can help by doing either the cold calling for setting up a time someone can come by with the petition to sign, and/or you can help by driving the petition to people's houses for them to sign. The lists of voters can be grouped geographically.

5. There are many persons I have previously solicited to sign my ballot access petition, and you can help by doing follow up contact of these people.

Email me at or call me at 967-5586 if you have any questions or want to help out  in the way described in paragraphs 3, 4  or 5 above.

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