Monday, April 10, 2017

Rep. Palmer: Get Congress to work

To:  AL06 Congressman Palmer

What do you consider most important to communicate to your constituents at your Town Hall next Tuesday?

I think paramount should  be your thinking about where the country's governance is headed, based on what has happened with two and a half months of Donald Trump as President.

Here is what I see:

I see Congress doing poorly for the American people.

I see a Federal government in a quagmire of partisan divide over Russia.

The job of Donald Trump as President should be to lead the country out of the mess, but he is failing and the Russia quagmire just keeps getting worse.

Donald Trump's failure as our leader ought to motivate Congress to step into the breach for the sake of the country.

There is no sign Congress will do this, and the people need demand that their Senators and Representatives face up to their failings as well.

Many town halls have happened this year, particularly focused on health care.

Voter support for Obamacare greatly exceeded the support for The American Health Care Act, and the latter was ignominiously pulled from a vote in the House of Representatives.

Now, noise is being made about a second try at repeal and replacement. Voters will likely find this more objectionable, in light of talk about eliminating pre-existing conditions. [Edit 4/13: President Trump now appears to be reactivating on health care reform, and, to force Congressional action, he is threatening to cut off Obamacare subsidy payments that are used to pay health insurance premiums for lower income persons. This should be new impetus for Rep. Palmer to address Congress and health care at his Tuesday town hall. See Health care.]

So, Congressman Palmer, what do you want to communicate to your constituents at your town hall next Tuesday?

I think your constituents should communicate to you their belief that Congress is failing the country, and they want you to contribute to getting Congress to work better.

To that end, may your constituents do the following:

Step One
Send a tweet to Congressman Palmer by clicking on the below link. The tweet you send will say "You should work on getting Congress to do a better job for American people." and will have a link to this blog entry (Rep. Palmer: Get Congress to work).  Also your tweet will contain, and show up under, the Twitter hashtag #alpolitics.

Tweet here to Congressman Palmer

Step Two
Send individual tweets to others in Congressman Palmer's 6th district to come to this page and send their own tweets to Congressman Palmer, and, after that, join in sending tweets to more residents of the 6th district. The goal is to get a large amount of "pyramiding" of tweets going.

A suggested tweet message to send to other 6th district voters individually is:
Tweet for Rep. Gary Palmer to work on Congress doing a better job.
To find other 6th distict voters to send individual tweets to, use follower lists of other Twitter accounts in the 6th district that have a lot of followers. For example,, the below would be examples of good Twitter follower lists to use to find people who live in the 6th district.:

A. General
This tweeting involves a non-standard use of Twitter, namely, the sending of large numbers of individually directed tweets to followers of other Twitter accounts (not your own followers).
A ground has been staked out with Twitter for this method of tweeting. See letter to Twitter @Support.
B. How to send your tweets efficiently
In doing your tweeting, you are repetitively sending the same tweet message. This can be done very efficiently, at least on a laptop computer. Get the tweet message suggested above (or some other tweet message you want to use) on your mouse clipboard, go to the follower list  you are using for your tweeting, start with the first person on the list you want to tweet to, and do this:
1. Right click on person's Twitter name.
2. Choose "open in new tab"
3. Go to the new tab.
4. Click on the "Tweet to" button.
5. Paste the tweet message in the box.
6. Hit the "Tweet" button.
7. Close the tab, which takes you back to the list
8. Go on to next person, and repeat above steps.
You should be able to send 35 to 70 tweets in a half hour. Send as many tweets as you are willing to. Don't worry about any duplication that you think may arise.

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