Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Thursday town hall

To: Representative Palmer
Regarding your telephone town hall this Thursday, please, if you would, talk about Trump, Flynn, and Obamacare. Should Congress censure President Trump? See Censure. Thank you.
Update 2/15 Flynn is out because he lost the trust of the President. Would you please comment on whether you think the President has started to lose the trust of the American people? Thank you

On Valentine's Day, Tell Congress: Let's Make a Date! Hold a Town Hall Meeting with Constituents!
 Rally to Tell Congress: Let's Make a Date! Hold a Town Hall Meeting with Constituents!
As Trump launches terrorizing immigration sweeps, gives handouts to Wall Street, and rushes forward the Dakota Access Pipeline—all while attacking our nation's courts and our health care and pushing through more dangerous Cabinet picks—we deserve the chance to meet publicly with our representatives to discuss these vital issues for our democracy.

But many lawmakers haven't yet scheduled town hall meetings with their constituents for the February congressional recess, which begins this weekend.
Every member of Congress needs to meet with constituents face to face, in accessible, public meetings. That's why tomorrow, Valentine's Day, Tuesday, February 14, we'll visit our senators and representatives' local offices with a clear demand: "Let's Make a Date! Host a Town Hall Meeting!"
Will you join MoveOn members and allies for a special Valentine's Day rally tomorrow in Bham to tell Congress: "Let's Make a Date! Hold a Town Hall Meeting!"?
A person holding a sign!YES, I'LL BE THERE!People holding signs!
I can't make it, but show me other events near me.

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