Thursday, October 29, 2015

Help Larry Lessig get 500 signatures in AL by Nov. 6th

Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig is running for President of the United States, in order to Fix Our Broken Democracy - First.  See Lessig2016.

He is running as a Democrat.

To get on the Democratic Presidential Preference Primary Ballot in Alabama, Professor Lessig needs to get signatures from 500 registered Alabama voters by November 6th. See Presidential Candidate Ballot Access Election 2016.

To sign the ballot access petition for Professor Lessig, you don't have to be a Democrat, and Republicans and independents may sign the petition.

Will you help Professor Lessig get his 500 signatures in Alabama by November 6th?

Please email me at or call me at (205) 967-5586 if you are willing to help out.

For your information, you can find the petition form and a Lessig2016 Brochure below at these links:

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