Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 26, 2012

My signs that I have with me by the sides of main roads and near highway exits and entrances have the following messages on them:



Fight D.C. Corruption.
Amend the 1st Amendment.

What is your answer, Mr. Bachus?
(this is companion sign with preceding sign)

I need 7000 signatures by March 13th.

SHATTUCK for Congress.
Info:  @retire_Bachus

Please sign ballot access petition.

My main station has been the vacant area next to the 280 turn off to Target.  I have also covered during rush hours the University Avenue exit from I65, the University Avenue entrance to I65, the 3rd Avenue exit from I65, the 23rd Street entrance to I20 East, the 3rd Avenue entrance to 31, and the Second Avenue exit from 31.  I have also been at 31 and Hollywood Blvd. corner and the Valley Avenue and 21 Street corner.

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